Upcoming Moto Hawaii Tour Weeks

Example Tour Itinerary



We will pick you up from the Airport and bring you to your Island Oasis!


1st Ride Day

You get to go out and explore Kauai on Dual Sport Motorcycles!  We provide at least 2 guides on every dual sport tour to ensure you have the most fun possible!


More Riding!

You came to ride a dirt bike on Kauai so that is what you are going to do!  After riding we will take you to a traditional Hawaiian Luau!


WildCard Day

It's up to you!  Do you want to go on a Helicopter Tour?  How about take a boat around the famous NaPali Coast?  Other options include zip lining, surf lessons, snorkeling, spa day or even just hanging out at the beach.  Maybe you want to go on a motorcycle tour to some of the more popular tourist sites, we can do that too!  Whatever you desire we will set up for you.


Ride Day

We will take you riding and make sure you have experienced some of everything that a Hawaii motorcycle tour has to offer from slick mud, rocky seashore, sandy beaches and everything in between!



Relax on the beach until your flight and then we will take you to the airport.  We hope you had a great vacation and go back to tell all your friends about your amazing Moto Hawaii Dirt Bike Adventure!

No upcoming events at the moment

2019 Moto Hawaii Dual Sport Tour Dates

April 21-25

May 5-10

May 19-24

Jun 2-7

Jun 16-21

July 7-12

July 21-26

July 28-Aug2

Aug 11-16

Aug 18-23

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